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 Earn “Park Points” - 30 points voucher (full day volunteering) / 15 points voucher (1/2 day volunteering) for use at any CHP competition, schooling day or other event as a reward for each full day of volunteering. “Park Points” may be used towards volunteer merchandise, payment of entry fees, initial or renewal of Friend of the Park membership, XC schooling, driving hazards schooling, or other events run by CHP. Volunteers may use one voucher per ticket for the Casino Royale Benefit (date tbd). Anyone using a voucher will need to obtain tickets through the office. Vouchers are valid for 1 year (please check expiration date).

** 30 points = $30 discount/ 15 points = $15 discount on any CHP organized event or program
** Vouchers are valid for 1 year (please check expiration date).

* Volunteer Excellence Awards – Based on hours worked, the top 10 volunteers, top Jr. volunteer, top newcomer volunteer, top dressage/XC/SJ, most disciplines, "behind the scenes" and "above and beyond" volunteers will be honored at the Southern Pines Equine Associates WHES Championships Awards Ceremony on November 12th, reflecting the degree of dedication and volunteerism of our entire volunteer corps, of our most valuable resource at the Park.

2023 Top Volunteer
Debra D’Angelo 360+ total hours

2023 Newcomer Volunteer
Ashley Mrnak 60+ hours

2023 Volunteer Trainer/Barn of the Year
Whitney Weston of Valkyrie Sporthorses 50+ student hours

2023 Above & Beyond
Gil Hilsman 120+ hours

2023 Top 10 Volunteers
Debra D’Angelo 150+
Beth Chaves 100+
Dee Charbonnet 100+
Laurie Rose 100+
June Banks 90+
Janeen Roehr 90+
Nancy Rose 80+
John Cline 80+
Tiana Darling 75+
Maureen Callahan 75+

2023 Top Jr Volunteers
Riley Fitzgerald 30+
Nielly Quinones 21+
Taylor Foley 20+
Abrielle Martin 16+
Abbigail Robertson 15+
Gabrielle “Pook” Edgerly 15+
Audrey Jensen 14+
Gabriella Ford 13+
Chloe Elizabeth Magness 12+
Emily Buie 12+

2023 Hall of Fame
Tiffany Teeter 480+ total hours
Laurie Rose 530+ total hours
Nancy Rose 430+ total hours
Janeen Roehr 530+ hours

 2022 Top 10 Volunteers
1 Joan Harper   360+ hours  
2 Joan HIlsman   250+ hours
3 Vicki Reynolds   200+ hours
4 Chris Bishop   120+ hours
5 Tiffany Teeter   120+ hours
6 Debra Dangelo   120+ hours
7 Dee Charbonnet   100+ hours
8 Laurie Rose   100+ hours
9 Beth Chaves   90+ hours
10 Rachel Toy   90+ hoursep

2022 Top Junior Volunteer
Regan Roy   60+ hours

2022 Volunteer Hall of Fame Inductees
Angelo Lobsinger   400+ hours
Joan HIlsman   780+ hours
Denise Jones   470+ hours

2022 Newcomer Award: Chris Bishop
         Top Dressage Volunteer:
 Angelo Lobsinger
         Top Show Jumping Volunteer:
Randy Crosier
         Top Cross Country Volunteer: 
Nancy Rose
         Most Discplines :
Betsy Rainoff
         "Behind the Scenes":
Debra Jones
         "Above and Beyond":
The Awards Team - Ellen, Letty, Charlotte Donovan
2021 Newcomer Award:
Emily Logan
         Top Dressage Volunteer: Danielle Douglas
         Top Show Jumping Volunteer: Denise Jones
         Top Cross Country: Janeen Roehr
2020 Newcomer Volunteer of the Year: Parker Foley
         Dressage Volunteer of the Year: Angelo Lobsinger
         Show Jumping Volunteer of the Year: Denise Jones
         Cross Country Volunteer of the Year: Lei Ryan
2019 Volunteer of the Year: Vicki Reynolds
         Newcomer of the Year: Kara Hiendlmayr
2018 Volunteer of the Year: Denise Jones
         Competitor Volunteer of the Year: Cristina Moore 
2017 Volunteer of the Year: 
Sonia Wriglesworth
         Competitor Volunteer of the Year: Joan Harper
2016 Volunteer of the Year: Betsy Rainoff
         Competitor Volunteer of the Year: Beth Roy
        Volunteer Family of the Year: Merchant Family
2015 Volunteer of the Year: Leni Harubin
         Competitor Volunteer of the Year: Lei Ryan
2014 Volunteer of the Year: Mary Strasser
         Competitor Volunteer of the Year: Jennifer Shattuck
2013 Volunteer of the Year: Vicki Reynolds
2012 Volunteer of the Year: Margret Crevar
2011 Volunteers of the Year: Bill & Susan Watson

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