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We gladfully except your fully tax-deductible donation through the Patrons of the Park

Carolina Horse Park - Patron of the Park

Carolina Horse Park - Patron of the Park


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The Carolina Horse Park of Tomorrow: Become a Patron of the Park and be an integral part of the Carolina Horse Park’s future. Your fully tax-deductible donation through the Patrons of the Park program creates financial stability for the long term. This ongoing financial support provides the Park, a nationally recognized equine competition venue and land preserve, with the funds needed to continue the protection, maintenance, and expansion of our beautiful 315 acres. Donors can contribute at various levels for multiple years.

The impact of our Donor’s support is reflected in the many enhancements and improvements that have most recently been completed at the Park. In the forefront these include:

  • Our third all-weather synthetic arena to be named The Huntington Arena (150’ x 220’)
  • The purchase of 53 acres of adjoining land with reforestation in progress (and currently being developed with additional gallop lanes)
  • A new PA system for the arenas and barn areas
  • A new John Deere tractor
  • A new tent with temporary stabling to accommodate increased size of our many events
  • Permanent public bathrooms adjacent to stabling and the competitions arenas (under construction and to be completed this winter)
  • Improved footing on the Lefreda Williams Dressage Pad (to be completed in January 2023)
  • Planned Claire Bruno Memorial Gardens around the Baker Pavilion including the “Bricks for Baker” program as part of the walkway

Additionally, all donors will receive a Patrons of the Park lapel pin

If you have any questions regarding the Carolina Horse Park’s Patrons of the Park program, please contact Maggie Cline at (724) 816-6131 or

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