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Your Donations help.......

Your support enables Park staff, volunteers, committee members and the Board of Directors to continue to grow and improve the grounds and facilities. Contributions received throughout the year allow us to improve the Park in many ways ...

- To enhance all competition features at the Park including footing, jumps and key amenities at our facility.

- To ensure horses, competitors, spectators and volunteers have the safest working conditions.

- To maintain the green spaces and forested areas throughout the Park.

- To offer a variety of educational and environmental options for visitors and area residents.

Thank you for your support.
[widgetkit id=1] Be a part of not only preserving our equestrian past, but investing in a strong and vibrant future! Donate today!

By making a tax-deductible donation to the Carolina Horse Park, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization you are directly supporting the land preservation, equine safety and education and the economic growth of our community. Be a part of growth at the Park.

CHP welcomes confidential inquiries to discuss potential giving options.
Please contact our Director of Development and Communications: Shannon Habenicht at (704) 779-6502 or email

There are many ways you can donate to the Carolina Horse Park.
  • Donate stocks, bonds or mutual funds. You will help us continue to improve the Park for the future and enjoy the added bonus of receiving some tax benefits! Be sure to consult your tax advisor and let us know if you plan to make a gift of securities.
  • Give through your donor-advised fund. Enjoy the convenience and tax efficiency of a donor-advised fund as a way to help the Park on its mission to provide safe and educational opportunities for our visitors.
  • Donate from your IRA. People aged 70-1/2 and better can enjoy tax benefits by making charitable gifts from traditional and Roth IRA accounts. Up to $100,000 from IRAs to HSC free from federal income tax each year. There may also be tax savings at the state level.
  • Ask your employer if they match gifts. Many companies offer matching gift programs to multiply the impact of their employees’ philanthropic donations. Check with your employer to specifics on how to double or perhaps triple the amount of help you provide to the Carolina Horse Park.

Thank you to our Donors

We are so very grateful to all our Donors for their generous financial support

$25,000 or more
Adele Baker
The Buchanan Family Foundation
John and Lin Burgess
Gayle Davis
Edith Overly Foundation
Annie Eldridge
Kirkland and Jennifer Mosing
Marie and Richard J. Reynolds III
Bryan and Kimberly Rosenberg
Fleury Kelly Valdes

$20,000 to 24,999
Claire Reid

$9,999 to $19,999
Michael Bissict
Robin Greenwood and GC Ponies LLC
Lefreda Williams

$5,000 to $9,999

Jeffrey and Marianne Chulay
Erwin Bellamy McMerty Foundation
Carl Grimm
Charles Plumb and Susan Beebee
The Van Gemeren Family
Mark Weissbecker

$1000 to $4999

Amy Bresky
Bruce and Susan Buckley
Cabin Branch Tack Shop
Anne Carroll
Richard Cavedo
Paolo Dal Cin
Marc Donovan
Heidi Doubleday
E.B.R. Foundation
Sofie Franzen-Moyle
Gail Gittleson
Joan Hilsman
Pam Kantorowski
Knowlbrook Farms, Inc.
Mike Martone
Dr. Fred B. McCashin
John and Amy Miller
Marianne Price
Anne and Harvey Seline
Audrey Wiggins and Southern Custom Barns & Remodeling, LLC
T. Lloyd Kelly Foundation
Anne and Richard Thompson
Shelly Turner
Tammy Vachino

$500 to $999

Patricia Cameron
Katherine Doyle
Linda Dreher
Susan and Erik Grimm
The Lundy Group
Moore Equine Feed & Supply ©
Sean and Lei Ryan
Sue Smithson
Elizabeth Susan

$100 to $499

Air One Industries
Paul Arnold
Ashten's Restaurant
Wayne Baesemann
Marilyn Barnwell
Patricia Beckham
Jayna Biggs
Jennifer Biggs
Martha Biggs
Lori Bonner
Jeffrey Bovais
Priscilla Brczysyn
Stanley Buck
Elizabeth Busichio
Robert and Bonnie Caie
David and Cathy Carter
Shawn Causby
Lisa Chan
Amy Cocanour
Kellie Cochran
Aggie Cohen
Marcia Cooper
Cynthia and John Crosby
Venesa Crumpley
Claire Cuccio
Suzanne Daughtridge
Kelly Daughtry
Laura Davidson
Anne Dekeyser
Rosemary Jane Demeulemester
Manny and Dana Diemer
Charlotte Donovan
Dreamtime Design
Kathryn Dubuc
Thomas Edwards
Barbara Egenhofer
Katherine Fitzgerald
Thomas Fowler
T.L. Gagan
Brian Garrett
Patricia Gindelsperger
Ariel Grald
James Granito
Greg and Leslie Griewe
Michelle Grimm
Heidi Grimm Powell
Maureen and Paul Grippa
Kathleen Gurley
Rebecca J. Gutierrez
Andrew and Shannon Habenicht
Kris Hamilton
Phyllis Hardgrove
Joan Harper
Amy Hart
Martha Hart
Lenore Harubin
Cecelia Hawksworth
Lori and Jim Heim
Jeri Herman
Yen Hoang
Mikki Hobart
Elizabeth Holden
Rebecca Holder
Martha Horton
Scott Hughes
Terri Hulse
Darlene Ivey
Susan Jacobson
Jenny Kaeppler
Brooke Kahl
Craig Kellogg
Jane Kendall
Annette Kenny
Margitta Kerr-Stover
Evelyn Klemstine
Sonya Koehler
Mari Krein-Secrist
Karyn Lasky
Ken and Suzann Laws
Margaret Leahy
Tammy Leber
Guy Lemire
Zan Love
Susan Mabe
Cathy Malone
Cathy Maready
Janelle Marshall
Mary Cook Training
Karen McCollom
Rita Marie McConnon
Jaclyn and Patrick Mcelhaney
Buck and Lynn McGugan
Reginald Miller
Jennifer Moore
Moore County Driving Club
Violet Morris
Veronica Moscoe
Dr. Gilbert and Barbara Mudge
Kathy and Roger Nekton
Donna Nelson
Sandi Nelson
James F. O' Rourke III
Denise O'Reilly
Ellie Pack
Alan Parker
Jason Parker
Laura Patterson
Meredith Phillips
Nancy Pierson
Rachael Piggott
Amanda Pomeroy
Hannah Powell
Wendy Powell
Premier Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
David and Marcie Quist
Elizabeth Rainoff
Mihaela Ramsey
Amelia Renkert-Thomas
Mary Rice
Brita Rizzi
Megan Ross
Jennifer Seals
Jim and Gigi Secky
Jennifer Shattuck
Jeff Shelley
Laura Shields
Jane Sloan
Elizabeth and Diane Snow
Michael Staiano
Lindsay Staiano
Karen Stearns
Darlene Straub
Stephen Szymanski
Melissa Tatge
Marci Taylor
Amy Thaler
Sarah Thomas
Elaina and Keith Thompson
David Thornton
Deborah Vergnetti
Mary Warlick
Lynn Welles
Gladysann Wells
Daphne White
Whitney Weston Eventing
Christopher Williams
Casey Wilson
David Wood
Stephanie Young
Jill Yurgeles
James Zynsky

Up to $99

Christal Adkins
Candy Allen
Kathy Bennett
Black Sheep Design
Grace E. Bockoven
Lisa Borgia
Deborah Branson
Jennifer Breitenbach
Robert Brewer
Amber Bronish
Harold Brown
Brown Sales
Madeleine Burgoyne
Robert and Susan Burrows
Kathy Cain
Jill Callejas
Nobie Cannon
Jeannie Carpentier
Naomi Chambers
Dee Charbonnet
Robert Cluff
Richard Cluff II
Tayloe Compton
Robert and Nancy Cook
Charles and Theresa Cook
Robert Costello
David and Amanda Curtis
Deborah Day MD
Gwen Dean
Karen Del Vecchio
Andrea DeMatteo
Natalie Drelles
Duchess Elite Equine Products
Sheron Duckett
Shannon Eble
Rachel Edwards
Evin Ellis
Equine Massage and Muscle Therapy Productions
Equine SL
Mary Farina
Linda Farrow
Allison Fink
Katrina Fleming
Andrew Flor
Jeremy Gaglie
Katey Garrett
Debbie Gavaghan
Marguerite Gentry
Irene Gillis
Bri Gindelsperger
Lisa Grainger
Elizabeth Griffith
Heather Hamilton
Raina Harris
Lisa Hart-Gray
Jill Henneberg
Jess Hessock
Kathleen Hines
Lysa Hodgson
Sara Hoover
Holly and Chuck Hudspeth
Paula Humphrey
Elizabeth Hurley
Stacey Ingram
Amanda Jackson
Ken and Colleen Johns
Peter Johnston
Angie Jones
Jacqueline Kane
Rebecca Kauffman
Lori Kesick
KLSM Group, Inc
Mary Knox
Jackie Konoski
Serge Kruczko
Susan Libby
William Lilley
Christiane London
Magnus Magnetica LLC
Hollyn Mangione
Raymond and Diane Mansur
Cheryl McDaniel
Peggy McKie
Alisa Meier
Eric Melton
Mermaid Cove
Stephanie Meyer
Miller Eventing
Sarah Mills
Meredith Miner
Nicole Mitchell
Heather Morris
Fritz Morrissett
Network for Good
Katherine Nolans
Lindsay O'Reilly
Susan Pacanowski
Diane Paton
Elena Perea
Christine Phipps
Linda Rarey
Emery Reagan
Richard Reinholtz
Barbara Ritz
Hannah Rodewald
Bonnie Rogers
Beth Roy
Sagmae LLC
Sara Schmidt
Andrew and Kristen Shellenberger
Ruth Siegfried
John Simon
Andrea Smith
Hayley Smith
Stephanie Stewart
Adriana Terleckyj
Vicky Thomas
Sheryl Thornley
Kathryn Thwaites
Scott Tucker
John Tyson
Susan Van Camp
Samantha Verduzco
Rozemarijn Verhoeven
Kathy and William Viele
Tiffany Warren
Linda Waylett
Kelly West
Margaret White
Karen Widmayer
Wingover Stables LLC
Georgianna Wolcott
Celia Wolff
Ian and Andrea Wookey
Heather Wright
Candice York

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