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  • Modified:  Bonnie Mosser (A Funny Thing Happened)
  • Training:  Lily Dal Cin (Interstellar)
  • Novice:  Amber Mabus (Mighty Green)
  • Beginner Novice: Kaitlin Caruso (Supernova)
  • Starter: Lindsay Riddell (Samba HS)
  • Green as Grass: Rani Wieland (Puppy)
  • Junior/Adult Amateur:
    • Modified: Amanda Curtis (Theforgottenone)-Amateur
    • Training: Lili Dal Cin (Interstellar)-Amateur / Darcy Dean (Oy to the World)-Junior
    • Novice: Amber Mabus (Mighty Grace)-Amateur
    • Beginner Novice: Renee Wheeler (Joe Frank)-Amateur / Kaitlin Caruso (Supernova)-Junior  
    • Starter: Jennifer Harris (Earth Wind Afire)-Amateur / Sophie Williams (Spagke)-Junior 
    • Green as Grass: Rani Wieand (Puppy)-Amateur / Wrenn Bailey (Cookies N Cream)--Junior
WHES Team Champion:  'Shaken not Spurred'  
  • Deb Henderson (Queen of Hearts)
  • Kristyn Hooper (Mr Magic Man)
  • Kristyn Hooper (Magic Moment)
  • Michelle Elwood (Queen Assassin)
WHES TIP Champions: 
  • Modified:  Bonnie Mosser (A Funny Thing Happened) 
  • Training:  Darcy Dean (Oy to the World)
  • Novice:  Sheri Thornley (Above it All)
  • Beginner Novice:  Holly Riportella (Absolute Monster)
  • Starter:  Nadia Howard (Quiet Irishman)
  • Green as Grass:  Joan Harper (Krugerrand)
WHES Second Chance Champion: 
  •  Basically Perfect (ridden by Anya Bryant)
WHES Over the Moon Award
  • Joan Hilsman (Krugerrand)
Claire Bruno / Bugsy Award Winner:
  • Jennifer Cobb
Sgt Reckless Award Winner:
  • Amber Maabus

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