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Date: Sat. 30 Jan, 2021 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Duration: 2 Hours
Categories: Community Events*

horsetrials october20140112:00-4:00pm – All are Welcome!

Meet us at The Mews on Broad Street for a Painted Ponies Walking Tour -
The Mews is located at 280 NW Broad St., Southern Pines

Painted Pony Auction Date: April 3rd

Painted Ponies Reveal Party & Walking Tour
Saturday, January 30
2:00-4:00pm – All are Welcome!
Mews on Broad Street for a Painted Ponies Walking Tour
The Mews is located at 280 NW Broad Street.

As Southern Pines looks forward to spring, 12 Painted Ponies are ready to frolic through town! Enjoy the excitement and awe of the Painted Ponies Art Walk as they line Broad Street from Saturday, January 30 until approximately March 30.

The Painted Ponies Art Walk is a public art display of 12 5-foot-tall fiberglass sculptures. Artists from the area have donated their time and talent to turn each pony into an exquisite work of art. Local businesses have sponsored the ponies. Enjoy a stroll through town to view the Painted Ponies! Take your picture with your favorite Painted Pony and share it on social media with #PaintedPoniesCHP to introduce friends and family to the newest attraction in our region.

There will be a public auction on Saturday, April 3, where people can place their bids on these one-of-kind sculptures and possibly take a pony home! Details coming soon!

For more details, contact Shannon Habenicht at

~ All proceeds benefit the Carolina Horse Park Foundation ~

Painted Ponies Sponsors and Artists

Pony#1                                 Into the Mystic
Sponsors:                            Audrey Wiggins, BHGRE Lifestyle Property Partners and Opulence & 
                                              DUXIANA of Southern Pines
Artist:                                    Sue Byrd

Pony #2                                Secretariat
Sponsor:                              Everything Pines Partners Real Estate
Artist:                                    Tiffany Teeter

Pony #3                                Incendiary
Sponsors:                            River Jack Outdoor, Southern Whey and Chef Warren’s Bistro
Artist:                                    Elizabeth Schilling of “The Magpie Designs”

Pony #4                                A Whinny in Time
Sponsor:                              Artistic Kitchens & Baths
Artist:                                    Erin Wilson

Pony #5                                Home of American Golf
Sponsor:                              Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
Artist:                                    Dan Dreyer

Pony #6                                Nevermore
Sponsor:                              The Pilot
Artist:                                    Meridith Martens

Pony #7                                The Science of Miracles
Sponsor:                              Southern Pines Equine Associates
Artists:                                  Rachel Chick Prieto & Andrew Prieto      

Pony #8                                Ponies in the Pines
Sponsor:                              English Riding Supply
Artist:                                    Darlene Ivey                     

Pony #9                                Rooted in Horses
Sponsors:                            BB&T now Truist and Cabin Branch Tack Shop
Artist:                                    Darlene Ivey     

Pony #10                             Sergeant Reckless
Sponsor:                              Mabus Farm & General Contracting
Artist:                                    Larissa Lycholaj

Pony #11                             Desert Beauty
Sponsor:                              WhitLauter Estate Jewellery
Artist:                                    Linda Nunez

Pony #12                             The Sun and Her Flowers
Sponsor:                              Twin Gates Farm
Artist:                                    Jenay Jarvis

Official Painted Ponies Photographer: Southern Horse Photography  
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Official Painted Ponies Videographer: Rip Charbonnet Photo/Video Production 

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