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USEA Annual Convention                                                                    December 9, 2017

Audrey Wiggins USEA award
               (Leslie Law (left), Audrey Wiggins (CHP Board Member), Marc Donovan, Allison Springer)

Marc Donovan presents the ERA of North America’s Amateur Impact Award to Audrey the USEA Annual Convention 2017

Speech Below:

"Hi Everyone, I have been asked to present the Amateur Impact Award. This is a very cool new award because it’s a perfect example of ERA’s effort to broaden it's reach and embrace all levels of the sport. It’s not just about the high profile riders at the top of their game - it’s about everyone who participates in Eventing.This award goes to an amateur involved in Eventing who excels in various roles that contribute to the sport.Audrey Wiggins embodies the full definition of the new Amateur Impact Award. She has been an amateur Eventing competitor for over 20 years, served as the joint Area II Young Rider Coordinator from 2007 through 2013, and is a current member of the Carolina Horse Park’s Board of Directors.These are Audrey’s specific contributions as a volunteer, competitor and leader:
  • As a volunteer member of the Carolina International Organizing Committee, Audrey oversees all hospitality for owners, riders, sponsors and patrons. She brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and experience to the role. She is tireless in her effort to ensure everyone leaves the Event having had a positive experience. In addition she skillfully leverages the involvement of the local community and vendors.-
  • As a competitor Audrey has demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship regardless of the outcome. Win or lose, she maintains a positive attitude toward other competitors and officials. She consistently volunteers her time at numerous local Events. Further, she has had a direct effect on Area II through her work as the YR Coordinator and her financial support of CHP competitions.-
  • As a leader, Audrey is impressive on two fronts: First, she is highly effective in her role as Carolina Horse Park’s Fundraising Committee Chairman. Her leadership of that committee has resulted in an enormous increase in financial support to the Park benefitting the whole sport on the east coast. Second, as a full time realtor (her real job), Audrey works to protect our local ‘horse country’ and clearly understands the importance of land preservation for equestrian sports.
In the vein of moving the sport forward, Audrey represents the type of person needed to support Eventing today. So, the Amateur Impact Award goes to Audrey Wiggins."

Marc Donovan
Carolina Horse Park Program Director

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