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We will train you prior to your first event and if possible, you will work with an experienced volunteer. To better understand our volunteer needs at the Carolina Horse Park’s Horse Trials or Schooling Shows, please see the following summaries of key jobs and responsibilities.

Difficulty of Work: Physical Demands: Standing, walking, possible handling of horses.
Working Conditions: Outside

Dressage Phase

Scribes:  Document the comments and scores of the dressage judge and make notations on each dressage test
Warm-Up Ring:  Check competitor's numbers and readiness as they enter the warm up area; ensure orderly flow
Arena Stewards: ensure the correct competitor goes into the correct ring at their assigned ride time. Communicate timing issues or changes to competitors as necessary.
Bit Check:  Check each horses bit and other equipment to ensure the tack they wear meets established rules and regulations
WATCH:"How to" Bit Check Video
Score Runner: Collect tests and deliver them to scorers in an efficient and timely manner. ** Score Runner is required to have a valid driver's license (golf cart is used)
WATCH:  "How To" Ring Steward Video

Show Jumping Phase

Warm-Up: Check competitor's numbers and readiness as they enter the warm up area; ensure orderly flow to the show jumping in gate
In-Gate: Organize competitor entry into the show jumping ring and relay competitor number to the judge as they enter jump arena
Scribe:  Document the scores of the show jumping judge and make notation on the show jumping score sheet
Timer:  Run digital timer for each show jumping round

Cross Country Phase

Warm-Up: Check competitor's numbers as they enter warm up area, give estimated time of ride; ensure orderly flow
Finish Line Timer: Controls end time as riders cross the finish line
WATCH: "How to" Time Keeping (Start and Finish)
Jump Judges: Assess jump penalties at a given cross country obstacle and relay competitor number and other key information as needed to xc controller
WATCH: "Jump Judge Duties"  and "How to" Jump Judge 
Score Runner: Collect tests and deliver to scorers in an efficient and timely manner. ** Score Runner is required to have a valid driver's license (golf cart is used)
Cross Country Jump Judge instructions

Cross Country Jump Decorations 

Decorators: Prior to event and after, set up of decorations for cross country fences and take down

For more information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator:
Sierra Simmerman at: - 704-776-0186

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