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* Earn “Park Bucks” - $25 voucher for use at any CHP competition, schooling day or other event as a reward for each full day of volunteering. “Park Bucks” may be used towards payment of entry fees, initial or renewal of Friend of the Park membership, XC schooling, driving hazards schooling, or other events run by CHP.

* Volunteer of the Quarter - A volunteer will be recognized quaterly. Ashten's, of Southern Pines, will sponsor dinner for two to the  Volunteer of the Quarter.

* Volunteer of the Year – At the end of the year our Volunteer Coordinator will recognize one volunteer who has worked above and beyond the call of duty with a Lifetime Friend of the Park Membership.

* Competitor Volunteer of the Year - The Volunteer Coordinator will recognize one competitor that has also made huge efforts to volunteer at the Park in addition to competing.

* The Volunteer Celebration will take on November 11, 2018 at the War Horse Event Series Championship and November Horse Trials.

2017 CHP Volunteers of the Year      
                2017 CHP volunteers year      
                   2017 Volunteers of the Year: Beth Roy (Volunteer Coordinator), Sonia Wriglesworth,
                                            Joan Harper, Marc Donovan (CHP Program Director)

Sonia Wriglesworth - Volunteer of the Year 2017
For the last couple years Sonia has been at almost every event.  Many times she has volunteered for each day of a horse trial, totaling up an impressive 24 days in 2017.  That's almost a month working at Carolina Horse Park. Sonia is a dressage Ring Steward expert and has been XC jump judge, XC control, show jumping in-gate, CIC assist scorer, etc. Every position we ask of her is performed with diligence and extreme competence.  Sonia is an highly valued asset to Carolina Horse Park.

Joan Harper - Competitor Volunteer of the Year 2017
Joan has worked at the Park for many years, hidden from the spotlight, on the cross country courses.  At every horse trial, derby cross or horse driving trial Joan organizes volunteers and decorates all of the courses. She also helps flag the obstacles and removes all the decorations including pine straw. During the events Joan competes her horse in dressage, takes him home and rushes back to start safe guarding the cross country decorations that same day.  We would not have beautiful courses without Joan's organizatonal skills and dedication to the Carolina Horse Park.  

2017 Volunteer of the Year: Sonia Wriglesworth
         Competitor Volunteer of the Year: Joan Harper
         Volunteers of the Quarter:
               1st Quarter: Vicki Reynolds
               2nd Quarter: Christina Moore

Volunteer of the Year: Betsy Rainoff
         Competitor Volunteer of the Year: Beth Roy
         Volunteer Family of the Year: Merchant Family
         Volunteers of the Quarter:
              1st Quarter: Nancy and Laurie Rose
              2nd Quarter: Mary Kate Murphy             

2015 Volunteer of the Year: Leni Harubin
         Competitor Volunteer of the Year: Lei Ryan
         Volunteers of the Quarter:
             1st Quarter: Lindsay O'Reilly
             2nd Quarter: Beth Roy
             3rd Quarter: Blane Rowland
             4th Quarter: Denise Jones

2014 Volunteer of the Year: Mary Strasser
         Competitor Volunteer of the Year: Jennifer Shattuck

2013 Volunteer of the Year: Vicki Reynolds
2012 Volunteer of the Year: Margret Crevar
2011 Volunteers of the Year: Bill & Susan Watson

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