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* Earn “Park Bucks” - $30 voucher (full day volunteering) / $15 voucher (1/2 day volunteering) for use at any CHP competition, schooling day or other event as a reward for each full day of volunteering. “Park Bucks” may be used towards payment of entry fees, initial or renewal of Friend of the Park membership, XC schooling, driving hazards schooling, or other events run by CHP. 
** Vouchers are valid for 1 year (please check expiration date).

* Volunteer of the Year – At the end of the year our Volunteer Coordinator will recognize one volunteer who has worked above and beyond the call of duty with a Lifetime Friend of the Park Membership.

* Competitor Volunteer of the Year - The Volunteer Coordinator will recognize one competitor that has also made huge efforts to volunteer at the Park in addition to competing.

* Volunteers may use one voucher per ticket for the Casino Royale Benefit (November 15, 2019). Anyone using a voucher will need to obtain tickets through the office.

* The Southern Pines Equine Associates Volunteer Luncheon, held in November, is open to all volunteers and their families.             

2018 CHP Volunteers of the Year           

volunteer year 2018 Denise small                                                                  2018 Volunteer of the Year: Denise Jones

2018 Volunteer of the Year: Denise Jones
Denise comes to the Carolina Horse Park having groomed for a few years, including at the USET Gladstone, NJ. She had the privilege of attending the Mexico Olympics taking care of the wonderful Plain Sailing (riden by Mike Plumb). Having trained and shown hunters in Wi, before starting her own tack repair business which she ran for 20 yrs., she switched gears by beginning dog obedience training and showing. She moved to a warmer climate and worked as a vet tech for small animal hospitals. Denise currently lives with her two retired obedience dogs, works part time as vet tech and volunteers for several organizations.

Cristina20MooreCompetitor Volunteer of the Year Cristina Moore (center), Liz McNeill Volunteer Coordinator (left), Marc Donovan Program Director (right)

2018 Competitor Volunteer of the Year: Cristina Moore
Like so many other middle-aged women who ride, Christina was a horse crazy kid whose parents responded with a flat no whenever she asked for my own horse. She never had any kind of formal training when young. Cristina lost interest as a teen and young woman and saw the light again while living in the Middle East, where she originally trained as a show jumper. It was the equestrian community in this area that drew her to take a teaching job with Moore County Schools, which is also the reason why it's so hard for her to pursue this sport: teacher's paycheck plus expensive interests equals constant struggle to make it work. Fortunately, she's been lucky to meet with many other riders and trainers here who are willing to help her ride in a small way. She now has a young OTTB prospect that, if all the stars align, she'll be bringing to the horse park for shows in the fairly near future. Cristina has volunteered, off and on, at the CHP since 2006 and it is her dream to be the one thanking the volunteers one day, although she says that being a volunteer has given back to her in multiple ways, and believes all competitors should volunteer whenever they can.

2018 Volunteer of the Year: Denise Griffith
         Competitor Volunteer of the Year: Cristina Moore
         Volunteer of the Quarter
               1st Quarter: Elizabeth Griffith
               2nd Quarter: Lei Ryan
               3rd Quarter: Janeen Roehr                                         

2017 Volunteer of the Year: Sonia Wriglesworth
         Competitor Volunteer of the Year: Joan Harper
         Volunteers of the Quarter:
               1st Quarter: Vicki Reynolds
               2nd Quarter: Christina Moore

Volunteer of the Year: Betsy Rainoff
         Competitor Volunteer of the Year: Beth Roy
         Volunteer Family of the Year: Merchant Family
         Volunteers of the Quarter:
              1st Quarter: Nancy and Laurie Rose
              2nd Quarter: Mary Kate Murphy             

2015 Volunteer of the Year: Leni Harubin
         Competitor Volunteer of the Year: Lei Ryan
         Volunteers of the Quarter:
             1st Quarter: Lindsay O'Reilly
             2nd Quarter: Beth Roy
             3rd Quarter: Blane Rowland
             4th Quarter: Denise Jones

2014 Volunteer of the Year: Mary Strasser
         Competitor Volunteer of the Year: Jennifer Shattuck

2013 Volunteer of the Year: Vicki Reynolds
2012 Volunteer of the Year: Margret Crevar
2011 Volunteers of the Year: Bill & Susan Watson

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