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blackrockBlack Petticoat
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Black Petticoat is a forward thinking fashion and equestrian clothing shop. Owner, Lauren Dunlap, a lifelong equestrian, along with her mom, Rebecca Dunlap, have hand-selected each and every piece in the shop. They have tried to curate a shop, which includes classic fashion that will last forever, along with stunning shoes and boots, unique jewelry and pieces for the equestrian that will take you from barn life to town life.

Why Black Petticoat? The inspiration for the name, Black Petticoat, was derived from American History. During the American Revolution, America's first spy ring was formed. One method that the Patriots used to signal each other that he or she (yes, there were several notable female spies then too!) had intelligence to pass regarding British troops was to hang a black petticoat on the wash line. This was followed on the wash line by white handkerchiefs. The number of handkerchiefs indicated the meeting location. The logo for the shop, the reversed "B", was an idea borrowed from the AMC series, Turn, Washington's Spies. The "N" on the title, "Turn", is reversed, symbolizing a person appearing as one way, but he or she is actually the reverse, or rather a spy. We hope you enjoy our shop as much as we do. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us at We do not showcase all of our pieces online, and we are able to obtain individual pieces from designers such as Noel Asmar and Indigenous Designs. Zeyzani, which is truly art for your feet, can even be customized!

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