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Date: Wed. 17 Jun, 2020 10:00 am - Sat. 20 Jun, 2020 5:00 pm
Duration: 3 Days, 7 Hours
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horsetrials october2014011The Painted Ponies Auction ONLINE! Wednesday, June 17th - Saturday, June 20th.

* Painted Pony Auction Catalogue
(Catalogue photos provided by Diane McKay)
* Auction Registration & Viewing
* Auction Rules

                                      Painted Ponies Auction ONLINE
                            Wednesday, June 17th - Saturday, June 20th                                                         Carolina Horse Park Changes Course with Park Fundraiser

The Painted Ponies Auction is available for viewing - CLICK HERE! . The Auction will “go live” to accept bids on Wednesday, June 17, at 10:00 am. Bidding on the Painted Ponies will take place from June 17 until “Final Bids” at 5:00 pm on Saturday, June 20.

Although the 10 ponies are beautiful works of art, please remember that this is a charitable fundraiser. We hope that when you bid, you know that you are not only bidding on a wonderful piece of equestrian art, you are supporting the Carolina Horse Park, a key part of our equestrian community here in the Sandhills. The Painted Ponies Art Walk is a visible representation of the equestrian community for visitors as they shop, dine, and stroll around downtown. The auction will generate important revenue for CHP to support its mission of:      

• Preserving the region’s open space     
• Providing an exceptional equestrian competition facility     
• Enhancing the region as an outstanding residential location     
• Growing the economy in our community

Auction Registration
Anyone interested in bidding on a Painted Pony or purchasing CHP merchandise is required to create an account through 32auctions. The process is simple and takes just a few minutes. Please CLICK HERE to “create an account” now for easy access to purchasing and bidding when the auction opens on June 17. This account will also enable you to make a watchlist of your favorite ponies to keep you informed of your bidding status!

CHP Merchandise
In addition to the Painted Ponies, there are several CHP items available for purchase, including hats, tumblers, tea towels and sports towels. These are “Buy Now” items and will ship within 2 weeks of the Auction.

Fund A Need
Through the Fund in Need project, our goal is to raise the funding to construct a 40,000 square foot arena with synthetic footing and all-weather drainage to ensure utmost safety in all weather conditions. The cost of this footing is approximately $7.50 per square foot. Fortunately, we already have a donor who has donated enough for 20,000 square feet --- so we are already halfway there.   

We can build this arena one square foot at a time, yet we need to secure the funding for the additional 20,000 square feet. Help us by buying one square foot for $7.50. Or ten square feet for $75. Or a hundred square feet for $750. Or a thousand square feet for $7,500. With many people helping, we can build this arena and get started immediately.

Note: All winners will receive an invoice that requires immediate payment and, subsequently, a tax letter reflecting the full price of the pony purchase from the Carolina Horse Park after payment is made. Merchandise purchases will not receive a tax donation letter. “Fund a Need” donations of $100.00 and greater will also receive a tax letter.

Click here to access our Painted Ponies Catalogue
(Catalogue photos provided by Diane McKay)

Click here to access Auction Registration & Viewing

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e the Painted Ponies Auction Rules

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